RvSalvage has a very easy and efficient
way for you to buy an item from us.

We have an open and competitive bid process to sell the items.
Our process eliminates timed or sealed bid auctions and puts you in control of owning an item. We put a human touch back into the digital age. Our customers are satisfied knowing that they can own an item without being outbid at the last minute.

To be part of the auction on a particular item you only need to:

Print out the bid form, complete with your signature and fax it to us. You will then need to send a refundable deposit ($100 for bids under $10,000, $1,000 for bids over $10,000).
Please mail the bid form with the deposit, or drop it off to us, on the same day you make the bid.
bid form
We highly recommend that you or your agent(s) view the item personally before making a bid.
If you have questions about coming up with the correct number, or for details on the auction process, contact us at one of our offices:

    Massachusetts-(508) 478-0200
    Rhode Island- (401) 732-6300
    South Carolina- (843) 754-0357