How do I bid on an RV?

Print out the bid form, complete with your signature and fax it to us. You will need a refundable deposit ($100 for bids under $10,000, $1,000 for bids over $10,000). Please mail or drop it off to us on the same day you make the bid.

If you have questions about coming up with the correct number, or for details on the auction process, call us (401) 732-6300.

Massachusetts address:

19 Uxbridge Rd. Mendon, MA 01756 / or fax it to 508-473-2021

South Carolina address:

320 Winningham Road, St. George, SC 29477 or fax it to 888-887-7160

Rhode Island address:

1 Bay Avenue, Warwick, RI 02889 or fax it to 401-737-0200

We highly recommend that you or your agent(s) view the item personally before making a bid.

Someone from our office will call you to confirm your bid. We will then contact the owner (private owner, insurance company or bank) of the item, and tell them your offer. They will either accept or reject your bid.

If the owner accepts your bid, we will contact anyone else with an outstanding bid on the item, and give them the opportunity to out-bid you.

We will keep you informed of this process. The highest bid when all is said and done wins the item. If the owners reject the bid, they will either come up with a counter-offer, or reject your bid outright. Either way, your name will stay in the file, and you will be contacted before the item sells.

Click below and PRINT the bid form!

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