RvSalvage is a division of Certified Sales Inc., with a 25 year history of Brokerage Sales, Insurance Salvage Sales and Remarketing.
All of the items on are selling under what we would consider "unusual circumstances"
→ Close Outs, Repossession, Insurance Payoff, Damage, ←
or the owner simply has a strong desire to sell the item quickly.

These circumstances can mean fantastic opportunities for the buyer, and also allow the seller access to a different crowd.
Insurance Salvage:
Damaged items, sold by an insurance company, to attempt to make up some of their loss.
Repossessed items; financial institution trying to make up some loss.
A private seller, who has already purchased a new item, selling the old one.
We are selling the unit on behalf of the owner, whom for whatever reason, no longer wants the item.
Estate Sale:
Owner has passed away, and family needs to liquidate the item.
Distress Sale:
Can mean a variety of things - my wife said it's her or the item, can't make the payments...regardless, it means that the owner really wants to get rid of the item, and needs to do so soon.
Privately-owned item that could really use some repair, but can be used as-is. A good alternative to Insurance Salvage, if the buyer needs financing, or isn't comfortable with a salvage project.
Needs TLC:
(Tender Loving Care) Item is primarily in fair condition, but needs someone to care for it. Many of the items on this site are suffering from neglect and lack of use. These items just need some elbow grease.
Someone donates their item to a non-profit organization (Boys & Girls Club, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, the Foundation for Cerebral Palsy) for a tax advantage, or just to be nice. Since those foundations don't have any use for a item, they give it to us to liquidate for them. So, if you buy a donation item, you can usually get it at a very good price, and know that the money you pay is going to a great cause.